If you want to stabilize and strengthen your body then take out your exercise mat and get prepared to do Pilates


                   Pilates is a form of workout which involves deep breathing along with stretching your body to improve stamina, balance, and movement.


What kind of workout it is?

                   The basic routine of pilates consists of exercises that improve basic strength, body equilibrium, posture, and flexibility. However, athletes and dancers were the first ones who adopted pilates but the truth is that anyone can follow it who wishes to stay fit and healthy. Pilates does not require any specific machine it can be done simply on the floor with a gym mat on it.

One of the apparatus used in Pilates is a reformer that looks like a flatbed which allows the back and forth movement for improving the core strength. However, it is not compulsory for everyone’s use. To maintain the right form, to get the most benefit out of it, and to prevent injuries it’s good to have a pilates instructor before the start of the workout.


Benefits of Pilates


Pilates and Its Benefits


Pilate as a complete body fitness 

                   This workout promotes muscle power and muscle movement. Unlike other exercises, this workout does not focus on a specific part of a body but it focuses on an entire body.


Adaptable to many levels 

                   Focusing on correct posture and increasing the fundamental strength of the body this workout is approachable for all. Pilates workout can be modified on an individual basis and varied from men to women.


Pilates sessions not only help the youngsters to stay fit and in shape but it also assists the older population in boosting strength as many of them find it hard to perform weight-bearing exercises at clubs or gyms.


Increase in flexibility

                   Through the Pilates workout, your body tends to stretch and bend along with the inner motion of joints that improves the flexibility of the whole body.


Develops core strength

                   The fundamental muscles of the body are the back muscles, abdomen, and pelvic floor. We depend on these muscles for efficient movement and a good posture. These are known as the core muscles of the body, when these muscles are strong they will support our entire body. So performing this workout will promote the core strength in your body.


Pilates improves Posture

                   A good posture in itself enhances the personality and builds confidence in a person. A person having a good posture would reflect the alignment of the body that is supported by a strong core. Through pilates one can have a perfect body posture expressing the harmony of the body.


Pilates increase energy 

                   An energetic person never procrastinates and therefore is successful in accomplishing goals of life. On the other hand, a person with low energy would delay the daily routine tasks as well as will fail to reach out to his ambitions. Therefore adopting pilates in your lifestyle will result in more energy in your body and good feelings because it makes the breath and circulation movement and the whole body starts exercising.


Pilates reduces weight and nurtures appearance

                   The daily practice of Pilates will change your body. Pilates is famous for promoting long, lean, and strong muscles. It makes the muscle tone better, balances the arrangement of muscles, enhances body posture also allows your body to move with ease and grace. An individual will feel good and fit after attaining the benefits of pilates.


                   If your main objective is to lose weight then Pilates is the best option for you combined with aerobic activity. It will not only help you in losing weight but it will also tone your body.


Pilates promotes mind and body connection

                   Pilates was called Contrology by Joseph Pilates, who said that it brings the mind and body together.


Pilates and Its Benefits


                   Well, let me tell you that it is the secret behind the Pilates workout. It aims at uniting the mind and body while we practice each movement with full focus. The mere Pilates principles that are essential in amalgamating mind and body are centering, focus, control, breath, and flow.



                   The reason behind the increase in the popularity of Pilates is due to the easy classes for beginners. At the start, it requires you to take live sessions from a certified instructor but once you learn your moves you can practice at home without any equipment. All you need is just a mat and comfortable clothes.


                   Some other benefits of Pilates include its effectiveness in dealing with some diseases that are either age-related or diagnosed at an early stage of life.


Pilates as an Antidote for Ailments

                   Among many other advantages of Pilates, it has been proven as a medicament for a variety of age related diseases or illnesses. The  sufferers of arthritis are advised to practice Pilates because the pattern of it’s gentle  movements prevent joint compression and build motion around them. This workout is also effective for the patient's osteoporosis and lumbar stenosis.


                   The patients with osteoporosis are guided to perform the standing Pilates leg exercise which helps in strengthening bone density in the spine and hip. For lumbar stenosis, counseling is done so that the patient may perform the exercise of muscle stretch.


                   Before going for Pilates as a treatment what you need to consider is that your instructor must be certified and have deep knowledge of Pilate's workout because only then the instructor would be able to modify the exercise and all those injuries that can occur through flexion exercise would be prevented.


                   Pilates also helps in slowing down the diseases like Parkinson’s and Multiple Sclerosis. The moderate movement of the exercise assists in preventing rigidity and stiffness. Pilates also helps people dealing with brain damage or stroke to make body movement, If the exercise is done at regular intervals. 

Adopting Pilates can turn out to be a healthy and fit lifestyle with its advantageous pattern of workout.