My name is Mary and I am the creator of Press Pilates!

I am a Classical Pilates instructor certified through Equinox Los Angeles. Through my diverse experience of clients from NFL athletes, to professional ballerinas, to rehabbing injuries, has shown me, that Pilates is for everyone of all ages and experience!. That’s what is so great about this method. Every movement is created to stretch and strengthen your body simultaneously. Through this, expect to gain improved and better overall well-being.

Through Pilates one can expect to

Gain Flexibility

Strong Posture Awareness

Overall Strength

Improve Your Mood

Low Impact Workout


This formula is a full body workout focused on posture and all movements starting from the core. Why is this important? When your movement is very thoughtful and supported with your core, your muscles work together as a whole making your body move more strongly and evenly. In return, your body will start releasing some of that tension from imbalances and give you a more toned physique. This means efficiency! In an era where time is so valuable, why not do a workout that combines it all at your convenience?

Everyday life tends to not to serve to good posture i.e hunched over at a computer or phone or sitting for long periods of time. This is a big reason tightness and injuries happen. Help reset and prevent your body from future injuries.

Stand taller, get stronger, and increase your mood!
All you have to do is press play!