Mary Ryan

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Press Pilates has been a wonderful gift to me! I have enjoyed a life of being very active in the gym, lifting weights, running, walking and love playing tennis! But, what has been the most beneficial to me, is my time spent with Mary, I am at an age, 56, where, assistance with activating, energizing, those over used and under used parts of my body, makes all the difference! Mary is so good at watching every movement I make, I have made her aware of my old tears and injuries and she is wonderful at guiding me through an incredible workout! I Highly recommend Mary!

Elisa form Las Vegas, NV

Mary is the best teacher! She knows when to push me harder as a student and knows when I need a break and encouragement. I am stronger than I have ever been. Her teaching method focuses on correct form to work muscles not usually targeted and prevent injury--a term most mainstream workout classes do not even bring up. Always fun to take a class with her. On another note, I recently sprained my ankle running and Mary gave me specific exercises that allowed me to still work out while not putting weight on my injured ankle so it could heal.

Anna from Los Angeles

My experience with Press Pilates is superior to any other workout class I've attended. Because of Mary's ability to "meet you where you are" approach, her teaching method offers a premier virtual experience. Mary is exceptionally knowledgeable, skilled and intelligent as she establishes a benchmark for professionalism and expertise. That level of professionalism and the ever-friendly and warm environment is immediately apparent from the minute you join her virtual class or see her in person.

Ashley from Atlanta, GA

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